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Mistress Nicole and mistress Sarah were angered that these two girls, who wanted to join their group, were loudmouths. They did not like that behavior and they told them as much. But beyond telling them, the mistresses ensured that the girls were spat on and degraded so that they would learn from their mistakes and learn to know how to keep secrets and to learn to keep things to themselves.

Mistress CatDeluxe was angered by the fact that this guy had ghosted her and her friend when they had agreed to do some work together that day. When they caught him, the mistresses ensured that they taught him a lesson and that they punished him as cruelly as he could be punished. He regretted it as they spat on him and also had him lick their asses and smell their farts.

Lady Scarlet loves to slap and that is what she did to this guy today. But she did not do it alone. She did it with her friends who wanted to know how to do it. They felt it was fun when they watched her do it and they also wanted to learn how to do it. They all had a great time humiliating as well as dominating the guy.

Mistress Gabriella did not like how late this guy was and she had to punish him for the nonsense he had done. She had to make sure that she taught him a lesson and she did this by forcing him to lick her spit and she also trampled him with dirty feet and required him to lick them clean. He had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted.

This mistress needed to send a message to this guy and she did it in a way that the guy would have never guessed. The mistress used her spit to do it but she also used her slaps for good measure. The mistress loved seeing the reaction the guy had to what she did to him. But it was all too much for him and he could not help but cry.

This lesbian mistress loves to be naughty and kinky with her girls and today was not any different. She had this girl undress. She then touched her and spat on her before she proceeded to lick her all over. She had fun turning the girl on and needless to say, they had had a great time by the time she was done with the girl. They were tired but very happy.

This mistress was interested in dominating this guy and she used her spit to do it. She made the guy watch as she spat on his food before she forced him to eat it. The mistress laughed at the guy as she watched him eat the food while he made a face because he knew what she had done to the food. But he had no choice other than to do it.

Mistress Dolores wanted to humiliate this guy and she did it with her spit. She felt that the easiest way to do so was to use her spit and that is what happened. She did not bother to use pain on him. She was sure that her saliva was sufficient for what she wanted to do to him. The poor guy learned his lesson and he did things the way she wanted as he did not want any other humiliation.

Missy Van Licks and her friends did not want to deal with anyone who was spreading falsehoods and that is why they chose to dominate the guy. The guy had no choice but to lick the mistress' saliva and beg them to stop as he knew that they were just getting started. The mistresses had him kneel down and they gagged him but he was not supposed to puke or spit out.

Mistress Domi and mistress Lucie wanted this guy to pull up his socks. He was unreliable and that was not ok with them. He had to change for the better and be more reliable. That is why the mistresses chose to degrade him with their spit to send him a warning that it would not be business as usual and that he had to be reliable sooner rather than later.

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